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How Many Kids Should I Have?

How many kids should we have is one of those questions many newly-wed have to ask themselves at some point. It is advisable to talk about it with your spouse even before getting married to avoid any disappointment. It is true that women tend to want more kids than men do. For this reason alone, a woman might need to consider talking about it with her husband. Disagreeing on a number of kids can lead to unnecessary stress that could be easily avoided if two people decided to agree.

Finances Play an Important Role in Deciding How Many Kids You Should Have

I know that I might sound down-to-earth, but you need to consider your finances first before you decide how many kids you can afford to have. It is not a secret that raising kids can cost a lot of money in today’s world. Do you have enough money to be able to send your kids to college when they grow up? Do you have enough money to make sure that your kids are never hungry, bored, etc.

Time Also Plays an Important Role

In order to have kids you need to have time to dedicate to them. If you work the whole day and barely have time for your hobbies, you should seriously reconsider if having kids is an option at all. On the other hand, if you are willing to work less (or if you can afford to work less), you might be able to have kids after all.

The bottom line is that if you decide to have kids, at least make sure that you have and will have enough time and money to dedicate to them. You don’t want to see your kids grow without their parents and without any money at all to go to college.