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Looking Forward To Your Next Job Interview?

Wouldn’t it be great if you could look forward to your next job interview rather than lie awake at night worrying about it?

It’s one of the bitter ironies of life that it’s just when you need a really good night’s sleep, for example before a job interview, that you’re least likely to get one. Instead, you’re lying awake worrying about things. Turning up to a job interview tired and stressed then makes it more likely that you won’t perform well, and so your worries become true. Life can be cruel.
How about if you could break the vicious cycle though? Wouldn’t it be fantastic if you could feel relaxed and confident before your interview. This would then mean that you slept well. In turn, this would then mean that you turned up at your interview feeling relaxed and confident and so would perform all the better on the day.

The infographic from Acuity Training below explains just that. It lays out how you can dramatically increase your odds of success at your next interview. Imagine going into an interview knowing that you were already in top 10% – 20% of candidates before you’d even opened your mouth. Well that’s what detailed preparation will do for you, and if that won’t help you to sleep well before your next interview I don’t know what will!

As ever the basics may seem pretty obvious but it’s surprising how few people do them well, if at all. That’s the secret to interview success. Put in the work, do the obvious things well and think about what the interviewer is actually looking for.

At heart the interviewer is looking for someone who will be a good addition to their team and get things done for the business. If you were hiring someone what would you look for?
You’d want someone how would be on time and look professional – see tip 1 below.
You’d want someone who would represent the business well in customer interactions – see tip 2 below.
You’d want someone who would bring energy and enthusiasm to your business – see tip 3 below.
You’d want someone who would work hard and was interested in your business – see tip 4 below.

Finally you’d want someone who doesn’t quit at the first hurdle but who sticks with things and gets over the hurdles that business throws up – see tip 5 below.
Now if you could find someone like that you’d want to hire them on the spot wouldn’t you? Yes of course. Well that’s the person that you need to present yourself as.

Courtesy of: Acuity Training