Choosing the Right Formula for a Baby

I would like to share with you how I overcame all the problems related to feeding my newborn. So, let me get started.

Even before James was born, I made up my mind to nurse. I wanted to do it, but little did I know at that time that he just wouldn’t be interested in breastfeeding. After about one month of struggle (I was very persistent when it comes to nursing, many people were telling me that) and about one month of pumping of my breastmilk, I finally gave up on breastfeeding. It was probably one of the best decision I have ever made and I haven’t looked back. My little Jimmy is no longer hungry as infant formula is always there for him. I also started sleeping more as my Husband volunteered to wake up each night to feed our baby. As you can see, I became a happier person.

My first choice of formula wasn’t perfect as Jimmy suffered from colic for the first few days. After researching the topic on the Internet in places such as and after discovering what was available in my area, I made up my mind to buy formula milk designed with colic babies in mind. I also bought bottles that help babies suffering from colic and my home has been a lot quieter since then as Jimmy doesn’t cry that much anymore (which was a big relief from everybody in the family) from pain or from hunger. I am very happy with the formula I am giving to my baby as I know that I am giving him the best type of nutrition I can offer him.

I know that so many mothers out there struggle when choosing the right type formula. I want them all to know that switching baby formula doesn’t necessarily have to be such a daunting task as many moms believe it to be. If your baby doesn’t accept the first formula milk you offer him or her, don’t panic. Not every infant milk agrees with all babies. All you have to do is to keep experimenting with various brands until you find something that your baby likes. What is more, many parents get their formula right the first time, so there’s nothing to worry about. If your baby suffers from colic, switching to some other baby formula will definitely help. There has to be some sort of milk that your baby will like and take.