Gifts that Rejuvenate and Soothe: Soy Candles

Though we can’t always give our loved ones a vacation cruise to a sultry location or an island getaway to an exotic land, we can give them small but healthful gifts that can subtly transform their surroundings with inspiring tropical scents!  When you gift soy candles, you not only share enchanting island fragrances, you provide your recipients’ homes with healthy alternatives to petroleum-based wax candles.


Tropical Scents

Do you have a friend who teaches and spends their days with young children?  Perhaps you’re related to an attorney working on a high-stress project.  Chances are you know someone who needs to end their day with some relaxation!  Consider giving them soy candles for their birthdays or the holidays in lush tropical scents like island breeze or mango.  From small votive candles you might add to gift baskets to elegant jar candles perfect for adding fragrance to large spaces, soy candles are gifts that are genuinely appreciated each time they are lit.  Tropical scented soy candles uplift people from their mundane day and help them imagine a pleasurable getaway–even if it’s only in their mind! (Source:


Soy Candles as Gifts

Soy candles are perfect holiday or birthday gifts because they’re healthy.  They’re also great items to have on hand in the event you need a great gift fast.  Unlike petroleum-based wax candles that release toxins into the air, soy candles burn clean.  For homes with children, soy candles are even essential!  While tropical soy candles are certainly popularly loved fragrances, there are many others to choose from like peppermint, balsam, and even eggnog!  Consider always-delightful scents like lavender, rosemary, apple, vanilla, or pear. (Source: soy candles by The Soi Company)


When shopping for gifts, consider a set of soy candles in various sizes.  Your recipient can place one in the living room, bathroom, or bedroom for example.  You can easily pair soy candles with other soothing gifts like body lotions or sumptuously soft towels.  You can create your own home spa package!  On the other hand, if you could use some down-time and need to relax, order yourself some soothing tropical-scented soy candles for your home too!  You’ll enjoy how lovely they perfume their air and you’ll also be gratified to know what a healthful candle option they are too!