The Benefits of Vitamin C

I had a glass of orange juice this morning after an hour of vigorous exercise which made me feel so good. I buy a few boxes of orange juice every week, but one question I have been asking myself for some time now is whether or not my family gets enough vitamin C. I have been taking various vitamin pills including a vitamin C supplement ever since I became pregnant with my first baby, but I am thinking about trying the vitamin C in its liquid form.

Some of the other mothers I know are not concerned enough when it comes to the intake of vitamin C during and after pregnancy. They might not ever realize that there are way more benefits of vitamin C than many people think. Scientists discovered already some time ago that the intake of vitamin C prevents high blood pressure and heart disease. Also, additional research is discovering that vitamin C can be helpful in preventing asthma, cancer as well as supporting healthy blood sugar levels in diabetics. This information alone was enough to convince me that taking vitamin C in its liquid for is a great health investment for me as well as for my family. We all want to live healthy and long lives, so we always strive to make sure that we give our bodies exactly what they need.

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