The Importance of Vitamin D

Winter is this time of year when our bodies are rarely exposed to sunshine. The reason? What motivation do I have to spend some time outdoors when the weather is so bad that all I can see is rain pouring down from the sky? I might hop on my exercise bike later today, but there is no way I am going to spend even a minute outdoors on a day like this. This leaves me without enough vitamin D in my system, which can pose a problem especially right now during winter months starting from the month of November.

Vitamin D3 deficiency can be a problem especially for pregnant or breastfeeding women. I remember taking my vitamin D supplements throughout my pregnancy, but I haven’t been taking it anymore ever since I stopped breastfeeding some time ago. I am not taking any form of liquid cholecalciferol (liquid vitamin D3) at the moment, but I believe that I am not doing my body any favor by that. I believe that I am going to need to change something about it soon before everything starts spinning out of control.

Every medical publication will tell you that vitamin D3 is important for the absorption of calcium from the stomach as well as for the functioning of calcium in the body, so I am going to keep it in mind next time I choose which supplements I choose to take.