Why Stick Pens Can be so Useful

During my life I have had all kinds of pens Some of those pens were better than all the other pens that I had, while some of them weren’t that impressive at all. Of course, I used to have my favorites as well, but since I had to move often I lost most of them on the way. You know how it usually is with pens. You think that you have a pen, but then suddenly you realize that it’s gone and there is not trace of it. Maybe your husband or wife used it to write something down and then put it in their car? You never know. This is why it is such a brilliant idea to have at least a few pens serving you as backup.

Some of my favorite pens of all times include plain stick pens at PenFactory.com. The good think about stick pens is that they stick, which means that you are less likely to lose them.